Project Veris Flow Systems Building
Location 6315 Monarch Park Place, Longmont, Colorado.
Customer Veris Flow Systems
Customer URL
Usage Type Commercial
Total Square Footage 17,500
Project Type Office Building
Build-out includes a test kitchen for the tenant. This property is a Multi-tenant building with the other current major tenant being Interface Communications Company. Originally the main tenant (Horizon) only leased approximately 15,000 square feet of space. Upon completion of the building we had two other tenants Interface and Roberts Reinhardt publishing company. Over time as our tenant's needs changed we managed (while keeping the building virtually full) to accommodate Horizon's expanding needs. At this juncture Horizon is leasing approximately 30,000 square feet in this building. This property is held for Investment.

Providing solutions for your flow measurement needs, the Verabar® flow sensor provides extremely accurate flow measurement over the broadest application range.

The Verabar® is a velocity averaging Differential Pressure flow sensor designed for use in gases, liquids and steam.