Project Community Food Share Headquarters
Location Monarch Park
Year 1999
Customer Community Food Share Headquarters
Customer URL
Usage Type Charity
Total Square Footage
Project Type Office Building
Donated land in Monarch Park for construction of Community Food Share HQ and consulted on design and development.

For the year 2003, we distributed 40% more food than we did in the year 2002! Why? A struggling economy. Corporate downsizing. Unemployment. Government program cuts. These realities of the last few years have combined to create increased need in our community. Our member agencies report a 25-30% increase in requests for food assistance. We have met this challenge with new initiatives for food procurement and distribution. We are targeting a goal of 2.7 million lbs in 2004. Be assured that CFS, through new initiatives and with your help is rising to the challenge to help those who are struggling to make ends meet.